1 thing you can do right now to improve the world

Slow down

Yep, that’s it. Just slow down.

More info?

Talk slower. Walk slower. Act slower. Think slower. Spend slower. Eat slower. Read slower. Drive slower. Listen to slower music.

Do less and do it slower. Downshift your gear and enjoy the ride.

Focus on what feels good. Take your time. Appreciate what is already there. Don’t dismiss something just because it seems too easy. I believe we don’t need more, faster or more complex.

You might say: “That’s all very nice David, but days are already too short as it is. I’m hardly getting half done of what’s on my plate. And you’re suggesting that I slow down?”

Yep, and I’m not defending it with reason either. In your gut you feel it’s right. Right?

Do the experiment

Slow down and see how it changes your communication, relations, work, mind, body … Try it every day for at least a month.

Join me as I log this habit on Lift. Let’s share experiences. I’m starting by walking and talking more slowly.

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