Where will you be in 1 year?

My 3 goals for 2014

Making a new year’s resolution is not my thing. I’ve never been a strong believer in goal setting. Meditation and life in general show me I’m not even in control anyway.

Yet I like to cultivate good habits. And as long as I’m not enlightened I’ll probably keep on having these recurring daydreams that I wouldn’t mind realizing. Who can spot the contradiction? Who cares?

Trying things differently tends to make me enthusiastic, so for 2014 I’ll challenge my assumptions and chase 3 outcomes for main areas in my life:

  1. MindBody: By 2015 I will have cured my left foot.
    (Bugging me for years now.)
  2. Family: We’ll have lived abroad for at least a month in a row in 2014.
    (Me, my wife and our 2 daughters.)
  3. Money: I’ll have created a steady source of extra monthly income.

The Rules

Before picking the outcomes above, I have brainstormed many more. But for focus’ sake I set some rules and only picked 3 goals.

The goals must be:

  1. Important
  2. Easy to remember
  3. Hard to accomplish but not impossible

The next days I’ll break these down into subgoals to populate Google calendar and Trello with concrete action steps for 2014.

And you? Do you set goals? Do you hold them lightly?

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