The most honest answer in the world

I know nothing. I'm from Barcelona.

What do you want for Valentine’s day?
What will your life look like in a year?
What will happen at work today?
What if we all stopped ironing our clothes?
Why can’t I fart in public daddy?

If you look deeply into yourself and you’re really honest, don’t you think your answer to most questions would be “I don’t know”?

I hear you think “Oh but I do know why people don’t fart in public David!” Really? Well, tell us then!

When I first got the idea for this article, I smugly asked my wife “What is the most honest answer in the world snotball?” (I don’t know how I come up with these terms of endearment.) I was confident her answer would be “I don’t know.” But instead she replied without hesitation: “I love you!”, pleasantly proving my point. (Or not?)

In 2004, if you would have told me things like:

  • soon you’ll be working at a school for self-development (since 2005)
  • you won’t make music anymore (since 2006, relapses excluded)
  • you’ll live in Roeselare (since 2007)
  • you’ll have 2 daughters (born in 2008 and 2010)
  • you’ll sit in meditation an hour a day (since 2009)
  • you’ll be passionate about vegetable gardening (since 2012)

… I would have taken you to a doctor.

Looking back at the past decade of your life, aren’t you just as surprised as I am? Did you expect all those things to happen?

Next time someone asks you a seemingly easy question, pause to check yourself first. Be brutally honest. There is no shame in replying “I don’t know.” I find this answer opens up a lot of possibilities.

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