I cannot succeed or fail

I cannot succeed (or fail)
So I’ve been ill all week. Fun times! For 5 days I did little more than cough, sweat and sleep. An awful lot of sleeping. Psychedelic fever dreams. Surprisingly empty mind during daily meditation. Probably because I was unable to do anything anyway, so why worry? Sweet!

Now as I get better, the mind is less concerned with sfinx cats being worshipped by trunks and whistles, and more with day to day business, voicing all kinds of importantness to tackle:

  • must improve immunity!
  • must eat healthier!
  • must restart vegetable garden!
  • must turn compost heap!
  • must cook more!
  • must write weekly blogpost!
  • must must must!

Apart from the cooking, not much has happened yet. Through sheer sluggishness the mind sabotages its own projects. It has no problem telling me what to do, but when I sit down to oblige and ask to help me write about the planned topic for today, it falters and turns all lazy and indecisive. Where did that big mouth go now?

So here’s a quote to comfort myself and you, my precious reader:

If you surrender your attachment to the results of your actions, that will purify your mind and provide a path to liberation.

Rather than performing actions focused on achieving something that you want, perform actions as they arise with no attachment to the outcome.

Remain open to whatever occurs instead of operating with the sense of you as a doer who will succeed or fail. This will loosen the grip of your mind and open the way to freedom.

– Ramana Maharshi & Gary Weber
(from the book Happiness Beyond Thought)

Now I’m going to turn that compost heap! (Or else I won’t.)

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