Instant gratification

While I was absent here, I’ve turned 40. No big deal. I’ve been having a midlife crisis since I was 17. I’m quite used to existential despair.

It remained silent at Omnipleasant while I’ve been focusing on my meditation services which I’ve only offered in Dutch so far.

Maybe that’s about to change.

I’m playing around with translating my guided meditations into English and recording a new online course.

But to make time for that, other things have to make way.

Making music for instance. It brings me great joy and energy. But only 2 or 3 people including myself seem to like it. And I suspect at least 1 of them is just pretending. Usually it takes a lot of time to create a track, cause a big part of the fun is synthesizing all the sounds from scratch.

Or the citizens’ initiative “More trees in Roeselare” that I started on a whim last March. It caused a much bigger stir than expected. The Facebook group grew FAST. Local politicians started to contact us. Suddenly I was being interviewed and my picture appeared in all these newspapers. Now we meet monthly with about 12 driving forces to plan actions and form working groups, striving for more trees in Roeselare, which is still the most grey city in Belgium.

And then there’s the book manuscript that I want to rewrite, and all these awesome ideas for conceptual art that I’ll probably never make in this lifetime, and so on…

This tendency of mine to take on big projects can cause doubt and frustration. It all needs a lot of time and effort. The outcomes are uncertain. And it’s often hard to choose what to prioritize.

So why am I reviving Omnipleasant on top of all this?

Because writing a blog post is a tiny, little, short and sweet project that I can finish in a couple of hours. It’s meaningful instant gratification to soothe myself with in times of existential despair.

And in doing so I want to share with you the practices and mindsets that help me to be my own best friend.

Stay curious!
David Demets


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