SM! Fast! Paleo!

SM meme


I had you at SM right? Haha! This week I’m simply doing a Social Media fast, people. Tsk!

On the other hand, I just finished a book that inspired me to start eating low-carb and… Twitter seems great for a foodlog. So I’m making an exception for that and Insight Timer.

However: At the start of my leave I uninstalled Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Pokémon Go from my smartphone, after announcing my social-media fast on Facebook and Instagram (obviously). And I haven’t looked back (much).

Why a social media fast? I never did it and a week of leave seemed ideal to test it out. So far: LIBERATING! And more time to read books. I find myself cheating a bit here and there, but only a bit. It’s all good.

Why a low-carb diet? I heard good things about cutting out sugar: more energy, a clear mind, increased fat-burning… and bacon!

I started 5 days ago. To my surprise I experienced withdrawal symptoms on day 1! Mild headache, brain fog, more prone to procrastination… I googled it and can confirm: the cure is increasing your water and salt intake. The symptoms have vanished.

I still have far more sugar cravings than I expected though. To be continued (probably).