Each meditation is about 15 minutes long, unless noted otherwise.
* Beginners proof
** Advanced

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Breath Focus*

Concentration on breathing. When meditating you can always fall back on this basis. Ideal for beginners and those who think they are enlightened. 😉

Notice and nurture what is good*

With this guided meditation you first bring the pleasant sensations of the here and now to the foreground of your attention. Next you can consciously appreciate yourself and the people in your life with a metta practice.

More soon

I’m in the process of translating and recording my meditations in English. These are some titles to come:

  • Breathe with emotions*
  • Comfortable with uncertainty**
  • Discover yourself**
  • Everything happens by itself**
  • Feel and expand** (30 minutes)
  • Relax*
  • Silence in the city*
  • Stay curious**

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