Yes to everything!

Last month I asked myself “What am I?” when I sat for my daily hour of formal meditation. I thought “Let go, let go, let go …” during activities at home, at work, in traffic …

This month I think “Yes” as much as possible. “Yes” during each inhale and exhale. “Yes” when my kids are stubborn and I feel impatience starting to burn. “Yes” when I feel resistance. “Yes” when I feel joy. “Yes” to each moment as it is. “Yes” as soon as I get up till I go to sleep, and sometimes even in my dreams. Yes!

Take care,

Suffering = Pain X Resistance
Steve Young (Shinzen)

I am a lover of what is, not because I’m a spiritual person, but because it hurts when I argue with reality.
Byron Katie

The best definition I can ever come up with what real spiritual¬†awakeness really is: it’s no more argument with yourself, with God, with life, no more argument. It’s done.
Steve Gray (Adyashanti)

Another powerful approach to surrender is to just say “yes” in your meditation, or at the end of each breath cycle when there is stillness and space before the next inhale or exhale. It is also effective to say “yes” when there is a difficult situation occurring, when you are experiencing pain or complex deep emotions. You can direct the “yes” to a spiritual figure, teacher or guru. You may not even be clear on what you are saying “yes” to, but it carries the feeling of “This is OK just as it is. I surrender to this situation. I accept this.” The whole universe is just waiting for you to stop saying “no” and to stop resisting. All you need to do is say “yes” and accept things just as they are.
Gary Weber (from his book “Happiness Beyond Thought“)