Super simple meditation: ‘Breath Hand Eye’

Flow to the breath

This is a simple meditative flow I teach in yoga class. It’s both great to relax and to gently increase alertness, like when you’re sleepy during longer meditation sessions. Also nice as a mini break away from the computer.

As shown in the clip

Observe the breath without controlling it. While letting the breath lead, watch your hand and sync your movements to the inhales and exhales.

  1. Sit or stand in an alert but relaxed way, wait for the next inhale
  2. Inhaling, watch your hand while raising it
  3. Exhaling, bring your arm at shoulder height, keep watching your hand, palm up
  4. Inhaling, rotate palm down
  5. Exhaling, watch your hand while lowering it
  6. Switch sides

Repeat to your liking.

Simple yet more challenging than you might expect.
Try it out, let me know your experience.

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