What are you doing?

Do you want to try something fascinating?

OK, close your eyes and stop hearing. Just for a minute. Go for it! Stop hearing.

How did it go? Could you turn off your hearing? Did your ears stop perceiving sounds?

Now, try and stop feeling for a bit. Nothing warm or cool, no pressure or touch, no rest or agitation, no movement… Just stop feeling anything at all. Take another minute.

How was that like?

And one more for fun: stop thinking! Close your eyes and shut down your mind. No internal images or conversations allowed. Not a single memory, plan or fantasy. Especially make sure not to think about the Macarena song or anything by Drake. For just one tiny minute. Give it your best shot.

Did you succeed?

Isn’t it interesting that you can’t pull it off? After all, you’re the one who hears, feels and thinks, right? Then why can’t you stop for only one minute?

Throughout the day, do you decide which emotions arise and when? Are you the one who chooses the thoughts that pop up in your head? Yes? Then why would you ever want to feel bad or worry about anything?

It’s the same with hearing, breathing, the beating of your heart, the renewing of your cells, getting tired, feeling angry or sad, sleeping, waking up, getting older, sweating, itching, digesting food, getting ill, healing… anything.

If you can’t choose how or when you see, hear, feel or think… then are you really doing those things? Or are they happening by themselves?

What are you doing?

Stay curious!
David Demets