the only way out is true v2

Last Friday I felt like making a short cheerful tune, and ended up with this. 🙂


Make it easier

I’m back! It’s almost been a year! What’s new?

Yes, I’m making music again. (see youtube above)
No, I’m not drawing much anymore.
Yes, my family and I have lived abroad for a month in 2014.
No, I didn’t finish that work life balance project yet.
Yes, I’ve started to run again, wearing Xero shoes. (see youtube above)
No, my left foot pain isn’t fixed yet.
Yes, I’m still meditating daily.
No, I’m not enlightened yet.
Yes, you look great today.

These are some of the things I’ll be writing about:

what (action) how much (criteria) when (trigger)
1 sleep enough 7 hours 22:00 – 5:30
2 meditate 45 minutes 6:00 – 6:45
3 exercise 15 minutes 6:15 – 6:30
4 bcbq once a day kids
5 repeat mantra once a day wake, breakfast, lunch, dinner, bed
6 eat healthy two meals breakfast + lunch or dinner
7 write for blog 30 minutes 8:30
8 take breaks every 30 minutes MagicWorkCycle
9 boost teamwork 30 minutes 11:00
10 study 30 minutes train, lunchbreak, toilet
11 prioritize 30 minutes 16:00
12 simplify 30 minutes 16:30

I’ll explain “bcbq” soon. To be continued! (update: Here it is.)

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